DIY Hand Sanitizer Case

Hand sanitizer cases are a great way to ensure that you always have an everyday essential on hand! Made from faux leather, vinyl fabric, or other sturdy, non-fraying materials, these simple projects are easy to turn into bag clips, keychains, and more. They even make perfect gifts and party favors!

To make your own DIY hand sanitizer case you will need:

  • 1/8 yard of thin and soft faux leather, vinyl fabric, leather, or Ultrasuede
  • Universal thread
  • Pins or sewing clips
  • Snaps with a snap top/cap diameter of ½”-5/8” (may be called size 20-24)
  • Snap setting tools
  • Hammer or Mallet
  • 1 ¼” key ring, or a 1” swivel clasp
  • Scissors

Please note: Some designs (like the one we are using for this demonstration) require heat transfer vinyl (HTV) for details – other designs do not. Please reference the individual product descriptions for the design you will be using to determine what will be needed.

First, gather all appropriate materials and load your chosen design into cutting software. If working with faux leather, take a look at our helpful how-to article for some clever tips and tricks when working with this medium.

Once ready, cut all shapes for the design out of the intended materials before proceeding to the next step.

Next, take your faux leather (or other fabric) and fold it in half along the same line as the cut opening that was made for the hand sanitizer lid during the initial cutting process. At this point, the wrong sides of your fabric should be together; the edges of details (such as ears and corners) should all be matched. Secure the fold by ironing your fabric with an iron and a pressing cloth/piece of parchment paper. Once done, if your chosen design does not use HTV for the case details, you can skip the next step.

Quick tip: We used the lowest setting on our iron to prevent the faux leather from melting.

For designs containing HTV – arrange the different layers and details onto your cut piece of faux leather and, with the leather folded as described above (leaving the faux leather folded can help with the correct placement of certain details), use an iron to secure all pieces in place. We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions for your HTV material, while being careful not to burn or melt your faux leather or other type of fabric. For best results, use a pressing cloth or piece of parchment paper between your iron and materials.

Quick tip: Do not use steam when ironing on heat transfer vinyl (HTV). Doing so can ruin your project and materials.

Now it is time to secure your snaps!

Unfold your faux leather piece and place a snap in both the small top and bottom holes that were pre-cut during the initial cutting process. Take care that the “pretty” or smooth side of your snap is facing the right-side of your fabric and is placed in the strap portion of the hand sanitizer case (at the top). The connector portion of the snap should be placed on the opposite end and should also face the right-side of your fabric.

For best results, follow the instructions provided by your specific manufacturer when assembling your snap. We used a small hammer to secure ours.

Quick tip: In our experience, the best snaps to use contain a post rather than prongs or spikes. Snaps with posts will be stronger and last longer. For this project we are using a snap that is ½”-5/8” (may be called size 20-24) in diameter.

Once the snaps are secured, re-fold your fabric along the same line as before, being careful to realign all the edge details and corners. Use sewing clips (or pins for thinner fabrics) to secure the edges in place.

Sew a 1/8” seam up both sides of the hand sanitizer case.

Next, slide your chosen hardware onto the hand sanitizer case strap. We used a 1” swivel clasp (sometimes called a lobster claw clasp), but a key ring or carabiner will work as well. 

Quick tip: Take care that your clasp does not fall off. Since it is not secured, it can easily fall off your hand sanitizer case if the snap is not buttoned. 

You are now ready to use and enjoy your hand sanitizer case! 

Note: All SVG hand sanitizer case designs on our site are formatted to fit a standard 2 oz hand sanitizer bottle (often recangular in shape). 

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