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Christmas Gingerbread House Gift Box (Laser Cutting)

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Make eye-catching gift boxes, home decor, and more with a 3D gingerbread house made with a drawer front. Open it up to place treats, treasures, and other goodies inside. Step-by-step project instructions will show you how to assemble this festive Christmas laser cutting design using wood, glue, and the paint or stain of your choice.


  • .125" Wood
  • Wood glue



  • Glowforge or other laser cutting machine
  • Digital calipers for adjusting kerf

This laser cutting design uses slots to assemble. Depending on the material that you use and its kerf, the slots may need to be adjusted. Check out our helpful how-to article to learn more about measuring and adjusting for kerf

To construct the house exterior for the gingerbread house:

Glue the back piece (1D) to the house base (1C).

Glue the side pieces (1A and 1B) on either side of the back piece (1D) to form the walls of the house. 

Using glue, attach the larger of the two roof pieces (1E) to the top of the house structure. Hold the piece steady until the glue dries for best results. 

Glue the smaller of the two roof pieces (1F) on the remaining side of the roof. Hold this piece steady until the glue dries for best results as well.

Now to glue the icing layer details to the house exterior! Glue piece 2D on top of the back piece (1D). 

Glue the side icing pieces (2A and 2B) to the side pieces of the house exterior (1A and 1B). 

Glue the roof icing pieces (2E and 2F) to the top of the solid gingerbread roof pieces (1E and 1F). 

To construct the interior drawer for the gingerbread house:

1.  Once the glue for the roof has dried, set the house exterior aside while you construct the interior drawer.

Glue the drawer wall (1G) to into the slats on the drawer base (1I). 

Slide the tabs on the drawer back piece (1J) into the slots on the drawer wall (1G) and drawer base (1I) and glue them both in place. Repeat with the other drawer wall piece (1H). Glue the gingerbread front piece (1K) to the assembled interior drawer.  

Glue the icing front piece (2K) onto the front of the gingerbread piece (1K).

Once the glue has dried, slide the drawer into the house opening to complete the gingerbread house!